Indian Point and their Independent Safety Evaluation Report

ISE Public Meeting

Indian Point Receives Positive Reviews for Safety and Security Per Outside Analysis

The Independent Safety Evaluation (ISE) panel's report released in July, 2008, while identifying areas for improvement that need to be addressed, confirms that Indian Point Energy Center is a safe and secure plant.

The diligence and expertise of the independent panel reinforces Indian Point as being operated safely and securely, and that the plant is prepared today to respond in the event of an emergency, including terrorist attack.

Highly-Qualified Outside Experts

Entergy announced the launch of the Independent Safety Evaluation on March 18, 2008. The evaluation was conducted by a distinguished panel of 12 experts, who were selected for their unique qualifications and independence of relationships with Entergy that could compromise their judgment. The evaluation was designed to augment the ongoing regulatory mission of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The decision to perform an ISE came after the company listened to various constituencies and policymakers and conducted numerous focus groups in an effort to understand the concerns associated with Indian Point.

This unprecedented action included the following elements of the ISE:

The safety elements include:

  • Implementation of nuclear safety requirements, conservative decision making, regulatory compliance, and identification and resolution of safety problems.
  • Operations, engineering, maintenance, management, and plant material condition.

The security evaluation would include Indian Point's capability to deal with credible security events, including ones involving terrorist attacks.
The emergency preparedness scope includes:

  • Accident response and accident management capability.
  • Interface with and support of offsite emergency management.

The co-chairs of the independent panel were appointed by J. Wayne Leonard, chairman and chief executive officer of Entergy Corporation, the parent of Entergy Nuclear, with the complete understanding that they would be independent of the company and have total autonomy to conduct a thorough investigation. The members were selected by the co-chairs, and the panel operated independently of the company.

Entergy funded the cost of the evaluation because the company believes it should not be the public's responsibility to pay for an ISE through taxpayer dollars. In addition, independent panel selection criteria included absence of relationships with Entergy or other circumstances that could unduly influence a member's judgment on matters reviewed.

Relationship with Public, Other Issues Identified for Improvement

While the independent panel clearly states the plant is fundamentally safe and secure, Entergy also appreciates that panel members have identified areas for improvement, particularly regarding IPEC's relationship with the public and officials. To appropriately address these very important issues, Entergy is forming a cross-functional, internal team to evaluate and make plans for improvement in the areas of concern identified in the report.

As evidence of our commitment to achieving top performance, Entergy will provide a formal response to the independent panel in 60 days, including addressing the issues raised in the report and determining actions the company expects to take. Entergy will make this response available to the public.