Safe, Secure, Vital

Operational Excellence

Entergy has more than 85 years of operational experience. It's one of the world's leading producers of safe, clean and reliable nuclear energy. Since the company was founded in 1913, its mission has been to generate clean, reliable and affordable power for its customers. In addition, our commitment to safety is evident at all twelve of the nuclear plants we own, operate and manage across the U.S. We take great pride in our distinguished record for making significant operational improvements in the safety and performance of our nuclear facilities. In fact, Indian Point is one of several sites in our fleet rated among the best performing in the nation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The safety of the fleet is exemplified by our commitment to operational excellence. This includes everything from nuclear operator training to preventative maintenance to significant investments in new and upgraded equipment. We also ensure the maintenance of the plants' structural integrity and welcome the involvement of and regular monitoring by two on-site NRC staff members.

The physical protection of the plant is supported by our rigorously trained security force of more than 200 officers. The strength of that force is enhanced by the presence of the state militia and the Coast Guard. There are also numerous barriers to entry at the facility and the containment structures secure one of our most precious assets-the reactor core.

The vitality of the plants is the largest benefit Indian Point has to offer. This is evident in the reliability of its power, the economic impact it has on the community and the role its more than 2100MW plays in the energy future of New York.


Our first priority at Indian Point Energy Center is to operate our nuclear facilities safely. Operation of the Indian Point nuclear facilities is marked by a cautious approach, questioning attitude and conservative decision-making.

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The security of a plant lies in the personnel and physical barriers put in place to prevent and protect the plant from an attack of any kind—by land, air or water. Nuclear facilities are some of the most well-protected…

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Indian Point Energy Center generates 2,000 megawatts of electricity, or 20 percent to 40 percent of the electric power used in our area depending on time of year and load on the grid. The facility provides power to millions of homes...

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