Entergy Pledges to Implement ISE Panel's Key

White Plains, N.Y. - Entergy Nuclear Operations (Entergy) today pledged to aggressively and thoroughly implement the independent safety evaluation panel's recommendations for achieving and maintaining a higher level of excellence in the key areas of safety, security, and emergency preparedness at the Indian Point Energy Center. The panel, in announcing its recommendations, concluded that "Indian Point is a safe plant."

At the same time, Indian Point's owners agreed with the panel's call for a renewed commitment to aggressively and proactively improve its communications with the community, particularly with regard to emergency preparedness.

Entergy President and Chief Operating Officer and CEO-designate of Enexus Richard Smith said, "The decision by Entergy to have this distinguished board review the performance of Indian Point and accept its findings is indicative of Entergy's commitment to make Indian Point one of the nation's best run and best performing nuclear plants. This thorough evaluation provided us an objective outside perspective of our strengths and weaknesses and is being used by Entergy to guide us to excellence."

Entergy's response, available in full at the website www.safesecurevital.com, capped an extensive review by a senior level management team specifically formed to study the panel's recommendations made public July 29. Although Entergy funded the study, the panel had complete control over its budget, hired its own staff and was given complete and unfettered top to bottom access to Indian Point.

Added Michael Kansler, chief nuclear officer for Entergy, "Our substantial investment in major improvements in recent years is a key reason why Indian Point is rated among the industry's top performing plants. The independent panel has given us a clear roadmap for achieving a higher level of excellence through a substantial investment in long term solutions, with no quick fixes."

Entergy formed an ISE implementation team comprised of Indian Point Site Vice President Joe Pollock and senior-level managers and staff from the various functional areas covered in the report after receiving the report findings at the end of July. The team was tasked by Entergy Chairman and CEO Wayne Leonard to fully dissect the report and its important findings, as well as ensure the response plan would be properly scoped, scheduled, funded and executed.

Entergy had promised a response within 60 days of the report's release.