We may not think twice about stopping at a market for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, but stop to think that some of our community members are not so fortunate and may not be able to afford the food to keep their families from going hungry. Parents worry about where the next meal will come from for their children, and children have a hard time concentrating and learning in school because they are hungry.

That is why providing support for food pantries and soup kitchens is so important to us at Entergy. Through donations and food drives, we work all year to support organizations such as the Food Bank of Westchester, Caring for the Homeless of Peekskill, Fred’s Pantry, The Salvation Army and various food pantries throughout Westchester, Putnam, Orange and Rockland counties, as well as New York City.


Pick up a newspaper and you will read about how American students lag behind other industrialized countries in Math and Science. Promoting proficiencies in these subjects is important for the future of our country and many of our industries. To achieve this goal, Entergy and our employees join with local schools in support of the science programs at Peekskill High School and at Hendrick Hudson School District, where we have assisted with the installation of a wireless internet system, and enhanced of elementary English and Math programs. Robotics is also an area of study and competition for area youth and Entergy supports this interest through Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, Westchester Science and Engineering Fair and Ossining Robotics. The importance of a teacher’s education has not been forgotten. Each year Entergy supports the Living History Foundation which offers educators a hands-on learning experience related to the American Revolution.

The Arts

Support of the children in our community extends to the arts as well. Entergy continues to be a proponent of programs that provide an insight into the world of art, music, dance and poetry. In Cortlandt Manor, Field Library offers teens a Slam Poetry series where, working with area poets, students learn to express themselves through the written word. Entergy is also pleased to assist world renowned Daisy Jopling, a classical/rock violinist, who is working with local youth, including the Westchester Putnam Youth Orchestra to explore music and the impact it has on everyday life.