September 13, 2011

Setting the Record Straight

Once again a local anti-nuclear activist group is wrong on the facts. They continue to spin their version of the truth in order to serve their own purpose and blindly pursue a costly goal of trying to deny New Yorkers access to the clean, reliable and lower-cost electricity produced by Indian Point.

We understand that our fellow New Yorkers have legitimate questions about Indian Point and we acknowledge the critical importance of answering those questions. Our “Right for New York” campaign clearly lays out the facts in order for the public to understand our proven commitment to safety. It outlines the numerous steps our company has taken to ensure safe operations, our state of preparedness to deal with the unexpected, and to raise awareness of the benefits the plants provide. There are no hidden truths or misleading statements. We provide the facts and encourage New Yorkers to review these facts and come to their own conclusions.

The anti-nuclear activist group’s “truth of the matter” is sadly very far from the actual facts:

FACT: Indian Point is Designed to Withstand Earthquakes

  • Indian Point was designed and built to withstand the effects of natural disasters including earthquakes and catastrophic flooding.
  • It is important to note that Indian Point was built to withstand an earthquake one hundred times the magnitude of the strongest one recorded in the surrounding area.
  • We are rated to withstand an earthquake of at least a 6.0 magnitude on the Richter scale. In fact, due to design and construction conservatisms, we are confident that Indian Point can withstand greater than a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.
  • While the external buildings may be 40 years old, the plants at Indian Point are continually being upgraded and strengthened and we have invested over a billion dollars to do so in recent years.

FACT: Indian Point is Prepared for Natural Disasters

  • Safety has been and always will be our number one priority.
  • We don’t say “it can’t happen here” and simply ignore possible scenarios. In fact, we plan and train every day to expect the unexpected.
  • Indian Point has layers upon layers of safety and security systems, so there are back-ups to the back-ups. Engineers call it defense in depth – there is a plan on top of another plan to maintain safety no matter what.
  • We are continually gathering and analyzing the latest data from scientists and safety experts worldwide to improve facility safety measures and emergency planning.

FACT: Indian Point is One of the Most Thoroughly Reviewed Nuclear Energy Facilities in the United States

  • Safety is our number one priority and we judge ourselves by the standards of operational safety.
  • Indian Point’s operations are constantly reviewed by the independent experts at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
  • There are multiple NRC inspectors on site at Indian Point, and the law guarantees them access to any document, any employee or any portion of the facility. That’s accountability, every day, all the time.
  • Indian Point works closely with the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), an independent group of industry experts who periodically evaluate safety systems and plant operations, regarding potential improvements to assure continued safe operations.

New Yorkers have a right to know the facts about why Indian Point is RIGHT FOR NEW YORK.