Oil Spill Update Statement

October 7, 2016

Last Friday, Sept. 30, plant personnel observed a light oil sheen in Indian Point’s discharge canal on top of the water. Personnel saw no evidence of an oil sheen in the Hudson River then or at any time since, including from boats Entergy sent to investigate potentially sensitive areas in the Hudson River.

Plant workers identified a leaking lubrication oil cooler at the turbine for Unit 3 as the source of the oil and isolated and stopped the leak last Friday.

We take this very seriously and are continuing our investigation. Any unintended discharge is not in accordance with our standards.

Representatives from the state Department of Environmental Conservation have been onsite to observe our actions since we first notified them last Friday morning. We will continue to work with them.

We are evaluating the condition of the discharge canal and potential enhancements. Since Friday, we have installed a protective oil boom in the Hudson River immediately adjacent to the discharge canal wall, as well as sorbent booms in the section of the canal that runs parallel to the river, to help capture any potential oil. We have added a spill mitigation trailer with absorbent and protective materials that can be deployed quickly in the future, if needed, which is staged on-site in the area immediately adjacent to the discharge canal.