Entergy statement on reactor vessel head inspections at Unit 2

Entergy statement on reactor vessel head inspections at Unit 2

April 5, 2018

Indian Point Unit 2 was shut down for a planned $75 million refueling and maintenance outage on March 19, 2018. 

We perform hundreds of tests at Indian Point during these outages to make sure equipment is working as designed, confirm safety margins, upgrade components, and correct any identified issues before returning the plant to service.  All inspections are rigorously performed and thorough, using industry best practices to ensure even the slightest variation in equipment is identified, analyzed, and if necessary, repaired.  

During the current Unit 2 outage engineers inspected all 97 tubes that penetrate the head, or lid, of the reactor. Inspections identified one tube penetration where water from the reactor vessel migrated out through a weld. This is a known issue in the nuclear power generation industry and our planned welding repair has been performed successfully in similar instances.

Contrary to assertions by the anti-nuclear organization Riverkeeper, safety was never in question. Entergy identified the issue as part of its comprehensive inspections and will make repairs in accordance with NRC regulations before the plant is returned to service. Entergy will continue to invest in the plant to ensure that our number one priority, safety, is maintained at all times.

Inspections of the reactor head during this refueling outage have been completed, with no other issues identified. Indian Point is safer than ever given the enormous investment and addition of back-up safety equipment on top of other back-up safety equipment made in the plant over many years.

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