Indian Point's Unit 3 to Shut Down for Planned Refueling


BUCHANAN, N.Y.– Control room operators at the Indian Point Energy Center will shut down the unit 3 nuclear power plant for its 16th scheduled refueling outage at around midnight tonight.

Unit 3 has been online generating electricity more than 97 percent of the time since it returned to service from its last refueling outage in April 2009.

"While unit 3 is shut down to be refueled, more than 2,000 skilled workers will perform hundreds of scheduled maintenance activities and other improvements to the power plant," said Joe Pollock, vice president and top Entergy official at Indian Point. "Indian Point's unit 3 has safely and reliably generated electricity for New Yorkers over the past two years."

During this planned refueling outage about one-half of the used fuel in unit 3 will be replaced with new fuel.

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