Buchanan, N.Y.- Entergy officials declared an Alert at the Indian Point Unit 2 nuclear power plant at 6:39 p.m. today following an explosion of one of the plants' two main electrical transformers.

The transformers are located outdoors in a non-nuclear area of the plant and help transfer electricity that is generated at the power plant to the main electrical grid.

The plant automatically shutdown following the event and is in a safe condition. There was no release of radioactivity as a result of this event and no workers were injured. Plant equipment operated normally during the shutdown.

Workers are in the process of inspecting and monitoring all plant electrical equipment to ensure its safe operation.

In accordance with federal regulations and plant procedures, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been notified. An Alert is the second of four emergency classifications for U. S. nuclear power plants, as outlined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Unit 3 remains online operating at full power.

Entergy's online address is www.entergy.com