Indian Point Unit 3 Experiences Temporary Loss of Electricity from Grid


Buchanan, N.Y. – Unit 3 is operating at full power following a nearby lightning strike last night that caused a temporary loss of offsite electricity from one of three separate supplies that deliver power to the plant.

Operators reduced power to about 70% last night following a loss of power from the grid, believed to be caused by a lightning strike in an electrical switchyard across the street from the plant. No equipment was damaged and backup diesel electricity generators turned on as designed to provide replacement power.

Offsite electricity was restored about one hour after it was lost.

Unit 2 was not affected and also remained online, continuing to operate at full power.

Indian Point Energy Center, in Buchanan, N.Y., is home to two operating nuclear power plants, unit 2 and unit 3, which generate approximately 2,000 megawatts of electricity for homes, businesses and public facilities primarily in New York City and Westchester County.

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