The Buzz about the DEC Hearing at Indian Point

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) held an important legislative hearing on their denial of Indian Point’s 401 Water Quality Certificate application and the feasibility of building cooling towers versus installing Wedgewire Screens at Indian Point on Tuesday, July 20th. A number of influential organizations and people raised concerns about the adverse impact of cooling towers on the area’s economy, environment and power reliability. Many who attended expressed their support for Entergy and for the smarter solution, Wedgewire Screens.

Here is what they had to say:

“We cannot stand silent when the benefits of power plants across the state are called into question without independent verification and independent supporting evidence. Denying Indian Point’s water quality permit simply to satisfy ideological goals is both foolish and dangerous. Their Wedgewire screening proposal is reasonable, effective and will ensure the continued reliability of our system. I urge you to reverse the DEC’s decision.”

Jerry Connolly, (Former Business Manager, Boilermakers Local 5 and Spokesperson, Coalition of Labor for Energy and Jobs)

“The demand for affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly power generation has never been more important than it is today. Indian Point is the only source of electricity that can lay claim to meeting all three of these needs in the lower Hudson Valley region.”

Debbie Milone, (Executive Director Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce)

“As a healthcare provider, I cannot fathom why the DEC staff would choose a technology that would turn Indian Point into a pollution spewing source of energy, endangering the local population and hindering the plants’ efforts to provide clean energy, when Entergy has identified a technology, Wedgwire Screens, which poses no threat to human health and is proven to protect fish eggs and larvae.”

John Federspiel, (President Hudson Valley Hospital Center)

“The closure of Indian Point would result in the loss of 2000 Megawatts of power that can’t be replaced with current sources, it would deprive the region of 26% of its energy and it would paralyze the transit and hospital systems.” New York State has not shown it understands the pains it is bringing to the communities and residents.”

Al Samuels, (President & CEO Rockland Business Association)

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