Making Emergency Prevention a Priority

Indian Point and Entergy's main safety focus as a nuclear operator is the prevention of any kind of incident. From regular maintenance of operations equipment to functional testing of all personnel, almost all activity within the perimeter of the plant is designed to prevent an incident from happening. That includes conducting diligent testing and data gathering. Indian Point is frequently inspected by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other federal agencies that grade response to simulated emergency situations and its equipment is also tested regularly. For more information on safety at Indian Point, please click here.

Safety records show that this has been a highly effective approach to its operations and it is all done under the supervision of two full-time NRC resident inspectors who work on the premises and monitor daily operations.

But, Indian Point is also part of a larger community involved in emergency planning for the site and its surrounding Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). Indian Point's participation in this process includes joint planning with the four counties within the EPZ, New York State, and federal government agencies. This expert planning for evacuation benefits residents in all emergency situations such as hurricanes, floods and forest fires that are much more likely to occur than an event at Indian Point. In addition to the coordinated efforts of these various government entities, Entergy also pays for the services of the Independent Task Force, a group of emergency planning, evacuation and nuclear experts which advises them on best practices for the IPEC site.

While an incident at Indian Point is not likely, it is important for all residents in the EPZ to plan ahead and be prepared. The information on this website will answer all questions regarding what you should do in the case of an emergency.

Learn more in our glossary of Emergency Preparedness terms.


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