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About Indian Point Energy Center

Who are we?

Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) is owned and operated by Entergy Corporation, one of the nation’s leading nuclear generators in the United States. IPEC houses three nuclear units, one of which has been decommissioned. The operating units, Unit 2 and Unit 3, generate a combined total of 2010 megawatts of electricity at an average capacity of 98% which is among the highest in the power generation industry. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year, except in the case of repairs and maintenance.

The Indian Point Energy Center is located in Buchanan, N.Y., a village in northern Westchester County approximately 40 miles north of New York City. This site is home to three nuclear power plants owned by Entergy.

Indian Point 1 began its commercial operations in 1962 and received the first construction permit for a nuclear power plant in the world. The unit was retired in 1974 when its previous owner, Consolidated Edison, determined that it was not-cost-effective to implement plant modifications required by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Indian Point 2 and 3 are Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR), each with a three-loop system: primary, secondary and tertiary (condenser cooling). Westinghouse manufactured the reactor systems and turbines; General Electric produced the generators. Entergy acquired these reactors from ConEd and New York Power Authority in 2000 and 2001, respectively.

What do we do?

Indian Point 2 produces 1,020 (gross) megawatts and Indian Point 3, produces 1,025 (gross) megawatts of electricity. The plants have been in commercial operation since 1974 and 1976 respectively. Since that time, they have produced more than 250 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. Station operations and support activities are managed and conducted to attain the highest standard of excellence, with safety as the first priority. Annually, the units operate at 98% of capacity on average which is among the highest in the industry.

The Indian Point Energy Center supplies electricity to homes, businesses, municipalities, hospitals and other critical regional infrastructures. The power is distributed to the Con Edison system, which serves more than 3 million customers in the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County. At full power, the plants generate enough electricity to supply power to approximately 2 million homes.

Throughout its history, IPEC has had a strong presence in the southeastern region and continues to be a significant contributor to the community as a corporate philanthropist, taxpayer, employment provider and environmental steward.


Anthony J. Vitale

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