Why is Indian Point Right for New York?

Indian Point produces about 25 percent of New York City and Westchester's electricity with virtually no greenhouse gas emissions, at lower than average costs than other power plants.
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A Positive Economic Impact

Indian Point contributes to the local economy in a multitude of ways, such as taxes, payroll and charitable contributions.

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Indian Point and the Environment

Nuclear power is one of the cleanest sources of energy. Indian Point emits 0 greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.

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A Smarter Solution for the Hudson

Wedgewire Screens are Entergy's Smarter Solution to protecting the Hudson without the adverse effects of cooling towers.

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Safety Commitment

Maintaining the Highest Safety Standards at Indian Point

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  • Denying Indian Point's water quality permit simply to satisfy ideological goals is both foolish and dangerous. Their Wedgewire screening proposal is reasonable, effective and will ensure the continued reliability of our system.” ... read more

  • The demand for affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly power generation has never been more important than it is today. Indian Point is the only source of electricity that can lay claim to meeting all three of these needs in the lower Hudson Valley region.” ... read more

  • “Even after undergoing extensive training prior to assuming their plant responsibilities, reactor operators receive one week of additional training for every six weeks they are on the job to ensure they maintain their top notch operational capabilities.” ... read more

Click here to read about Indian Point Unit 2 Continuing to Operate Under Its Existing NRC License with Continuing NRC Oversight until the License Renewal Process is Complete

View the Indian Point Independent Safety Evaluation, which includes information on Indian Point’s seismic design.


Entergy Crews Return Favor, Help Restore Power to NYC After Sandy

Indian Point Engineers on Indian Point Safety

  • $1 millionin charitable contributions annually
  • $28 million in payments to local and state governments.
  • 1,000 employees and 150 contractors working on site at any given time
  • $147 million payroll annually

Click here to read comments to the NYS Public Service Commission from entities opposed to spending hundreds of millions of dollars of NY ratepayer monies on an Indian Point contingency plan.